Center for Supportive Schools

Center for Supportive Schools (CSS) helps NYC Community Schools provide student leadership opportunities, strong family partnerships, engaging academic instruction, social services for families and community members, and professional learning opportunities for teachers. CSS has partnered with NMBA since 2015.


Through our partnership with Montefiore, all students are eligible to receive regular healthcare services while in school, including physicals, vaccinations, dental care, and vision screening.

Astor Services for Children & Families

Astor Services for Children & Families is a community based, non-profit organization that provides children’s mental health services, child welfare services, and early childhood development programs. Through Astor Services, students and families are eligible to receive free, in-school therapy and counseling.


Dreamyard has partnered with Bronx Schools to provide high-quality arts programming since 1994. All students at NMBA have the opportunity to participate in our award-winning arts electives and after school programs.

Counseling in Schools

Counseling in Schools

Counseling In Schools is supporting the emotional and social well-being of New York City school communities. CIS has recently joined our school community as an additional mental health partner to provide greater access to free, in-school therapy services and counseling.



Salvadori Programming provides academically rigorous in-school and after-school STEAM programs to K-12 students in all 5 boroughs. As a long-standing partner to NMBA, Salvadori gives our students the opportunity to build the skills needed to pursue a career inscience, technology, engineering, arts, and math through their hands-on, project-based courses.


West Side Campaign Against Hunger

West Side Campaign Against Hunger’s (WSCAH) mission is to alleviate hunger by ensuring that all New Yorkers have access with dignity to a choice of healthy food and supportive services. All families are able to receive fresh groceries once a month through our partnership with WSCAH.



As a CHAMPS sports partner, our school provides daily sports programming and student leadership opportunities before school and during Saturday programming.


Release the Grip

Release the Grip strives to promote safety and peace Bronx residents through their work to end community violence. Release the Grip teammates are present at our daily dismissal to ensure a smooth, safe dismissal.


LEAP Afterschool

All students are invited to participate in sports, arts, and academic enrichment Monday-Friday until 5:30.